•  Water Proof: Since no amount of water or moisture can affect CACTUS PVC Profiles with them you will never have to experience troubles like rusting, warping or rotting.

•  Termite Proof: Fully resistant to Termite and fungus.

•  Chemical Resistant: Resistant to mild acids & alkalis.

•  Fire Resistant: CACTUS PVC Profiles not only retard the speed of fire but also extinguish it.

•  Maintenance Free

•  No Painting and Polishing Required.

•  Elegant

•  Reusability

•  Light Weight

•  Easy to Install

Doors & Partitions
Single Panel Doors Sections
Door Shutter Frame Section
Door Shutter Lock Rail Sections
Wall Panelling & False Ceiling Panel Sections
Loft & Kitchen Cabinet Sections
Door Frame Sections
Misc. Sections
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